Editing the Subscription Product Quantity



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    Jay Shah

    Hello Fusebill Team,

    We at INSZoom, use Fusebill API(https://secure.fusebill.com/v1/ID/subscriptions) to post our changed quantity to fusebill.

    At end of the month, we push around 8500 - 9000 records to fusebill by updating the quantity field where in around same number of api calls are sent to fusebill.

    This is consuming a lot of time for us and our job is running around 8- 9 hours because of this.

    I tried reading many articles to check if there is any bulk update API available for fusebill end, but unfortunately i could only find Bulk Purchase create which we are not in need of.

    Could you please suggest a way where in we can send a bulk update to the quantity of fusebill product?

    Let me know if INSZoom should schedule a call to understand the functionality so that we consume the API properly.

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